John Roby

Chief Executive Officer

John Roby is the Chief Executive Officer of Teal Natural Resources.  He is focused on business development, acquisition evaluation, and risk management.  Additionally, John leads the company’s finance and accounting functions.

John brings extensive investing and technical experience to his current role.  Prior to Teal, John served as chief financial officer for Titanium Exploration where he managed the company’s business development, finance and accounting functions.  Additionally, John was an associate at Congruent Investment Partners, a lower middle market focused investment firm.  Mr. Roby’s responsibilities at Congruent included sourcing and underwriting new debt and equity investment opportunities as well as managing a portfolio of over $100 million in invested assets. 

John began his career at Occidental Petroleum where he held multiple roles including production engineer, completions engineer, and reservoir engineer.   During this time period, Mr. Roby completed multiple development plans in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.  Additionally, Mr. Roby led engineering and field operations in over 125 completion and well work programs.

Mr. Roby graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with honors and received a MBA from Harvard Business School.  John is a member of the Dallas Petroleum Club, ADAM Energy Forum, and Independent Petroleum Association of America.