Frequently Asked Questions

How can I update my address information?

Please go to the “Address Change” page for instructions on how to update an owner address.

How can I find my owner number?

The owner number is on your check, check stub detail, and on your 1099. Each owner has been assigned a unique owner number.  Please include your owner number in all communications with TEAL Natural Resources, LLC, including voicemail and email.

When are royalty checks issued?

Royalty payments are mailed or deposited electronically into your account within 60 days post-production.  For example, if a well starts producing on September 1, you should receive your first check by November 30th, unless that day is a weekend or holiday.  In that case, payment is mailed or deposited electronically into your account the next business day.

What should I do if I do not receive my royalty checks?

Due to potential postal delays, please allow 10 business days to receive your royalty checks. If you still did not receive a royalty check after 10 business days from the 60-day post production due date, then please contact the Owner Relations Department at 214.489.7158 or email us at

Why does my monthly payment amount vary?

There are various factors that may affect your monthly payment such as suspended payments, adjustments, fluctuating commodity prices, production volumes, and operating issues that may affect the volumes produced from a well during a given time.

Why does my payment differ from others in my family?

This can occur because ownership between family members may not be equal. Some family members may own interest in other properties in addition to those commonly owned. Different payments can also occur due to title issues. Thus, payments are held in suspense until the issue can be resolved.

When are 1099 tax forms mailed out?

The 1099 Miscellaneous Tax forms will be mailed out on January 31.  If you need another copy of your 1099, please contact the owner relations department at 214-489-7158 or e-mail us at

Why am I being charged expenses/deductions even though I am not a working interest owner?

Some costs associated with selling a product are shared by all owners including royalty owners. Working interest owners share all those same costs plus the cost of exploration, drilling, completing, equipping and operating a well.

What is clearing title?

Clearing title is the process of verifying that you own the interest. Title is the legal right or evidence of the legal right to property.

What is a division order?

A division order is a document confirming ownership information in a property/unit and authorizing distribution of funds according to that information. The division order does not represent a sale of your property or any changes to your lease. When you sign and return the division order, you confirm that you agree with the information disclosed in the document.